“I’ve made 50 million+ Game Theory Decisions over the course of my 15-year pro Poker career - what Business, Brand or Marketing Consultant can say the same?”

Hey, what's up,

I'm Gabriel

Pro Poker Player.

Adaptive Game Theory Strategist.

Dedicated Husband & Cat Daddy.

My zone of genius is understanding what motivates people to invest on a micro & macro level. 

“I am one of the best players in the world, have succeeded at the highest stakes games & have made millions over the course of my career. I have run 3 Poker Staking Businesses, managed teams of 5-8 employees & invested in + coached 100s of poker players”


Here's why:

The success of any business depends on two key things:

1. The trust people feel in it & the Founders. Even the most promising of businesses can fail if people lose faith.

2. The speed at which you make the right decisions. The growth rate of your business is determined by your ability to act fast with incomplete information.

How I support your success:

With 25,000+ hours of play & study against the toughest competition in the game, I understand what motivates people to trust & invest (or not) & have honed my skills in making efficient ROI-generating decisions. 

Let’s Talk

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